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Böker Picnic Set, Steak Knife and Fork, with Stag

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Start with the centuries old knife carried by Bavarian hunters in their Lederhosen, take that simple knife (almost a perfect steak knife) with scales of European Red Deer Antler, add the same great scales to a fork, dress both pieces with sleek bolsters and you have an elegant picnic set. Keep several in your picnic basket or carry a pair to use at your favorite restaurant. It is even elegant enough to grace a fine linen tablecloth when serving vension, bison or any favorite meat. The knife blade is T6MOV stainless at 56-57 Rc., sharpened to a fine edge to cleanly cut your steak instead of tearing it. Set ships in a leather sheath that will protect it in a picnic basket or your cabinet drawer. Each measures approximately 8" overall. Two pieces together weigh 7.5 oz. in sheath. Made in Böker's factory in Argentina.

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