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Rocket Ship Clock

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In my era, most boys dreamed of space travel and read the numerous comic books that were available like Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, Captain Rocket and Space Man, imagining themselves participating in those adventures. In later decades, it was a NASA poster with the slogans Infinity and Beyond or Journey Into Deep Space or a chart of the constellations. This wall/desk clock evokes memories from those young years and that sense of adventure.
This clock pays homage to model rocket ships from the 1950s. Made of polished cast aluminum with brass fittings, hatch windows, antenna and a clock face based on a 1950s dial. The back of the clock is open with inverted gear-like teeth that allows you to hang it at twenty different angles.  Use an Allen wrench on the side of the dial to adjust the clock face where the 12 o'clock hour is always in the top position.  While we really like the way it looks on the wall, it is equally impressive sitting on your desk or mantle. Requires a single AA battery (not included).  Measures 17" tip to tip. Weighs 2 lbs. 9 oz.

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