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Rotating Time Zone Globe

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Item: ELN-502



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This educational globe accurately represents the Earth's orientation in space in relationship to the sun at any time of day or year. A precise gear and motor system turns the globe at the same rate that the Earth turns on its axis as it orbits the sun. This day and night globe is also a clock and calendar that shows the hour and date for any location on Earth. As the globe turns, you can see where people on Earth are experiencing daylight and dark. Lighted, it has a sunshade that is fixed, causing the day and night effect by blocking the internal lamp. The clear base allows you to see all the gears in motion. Detailed assembly and using instructions. Perfect educational entertainment for all ages. Measures 12-5/8" in diameter & 17-1/4" in height. Weighs 6 lbs 2.0 oz. AC adapter included.

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