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Wildlife Collection - Turkey

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Designed by Wildlife Artist Franz Marktl

The medallions are "Fine Pewter", that is a modern mixture of over 90% tin and some antimony or bismuth. Unlike antique and lower quality modern pewter, there is no lead whatsoever in this material. The artist, Franz Marktl, came to the United States from Austria over thirty years ago. Even then his engraving was highly sought after the world over.

Each master engraving begins with a detailed drawing which is then transferred onto a thick sheet of sterling silver. The artist uses handmade tools to remove bits of metal, sculpting every detail. A special mold is then made at the Heritage pewter foundry to faithfully reproduce the intricacy of the engraving.

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4 Prism Rock Glasses. Handsome, very masculine squarish tumblers with pewter medallion.

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