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Snowman Stoneware Cookie Jar

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Item: MCK-65SM



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Not the cutesy little too-white snowman you usually find this time of the year - this fellow has character. With lumps of coal for eyes, mouth and buttons, twigs for arms, a carrot nose and sporting a scarf and hat, these individually handmade snowmen are works of art. Made in a small studio in Illinois, each piece of red stoneware is high fired to cone five (about 2100° F) in an electric kiln. The artist, 38 year veteran potter Sandra McKenzie Schmitt, draws inspiration from classic Italian art where whimsical sculptural elements often decorate common household items. All glazes are lead-free. Due to the fragile nature of his nose, we suggest careful handwashing. Each is signed by the artist. Made in the U.S.A. What an interesting addition he will make to your kitchen counter this winter.

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