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Swiss Made Manicure Tools


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Item: TTS-1K120


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Are you tired of driving to the drug store to buy tweezers and when you get them home finding that the sides do not match? Save the wear and tear on you and your car. These precisely made Tweezers from Switzerland will delight you. The combination magnifying glass and tweezers do a great job of removing very tiny splinters.

The scissors will remind you of the oldtime quality that you used to be able to get from Germany before junk scissors drove all of the good forged ones off the market. These are not forged, but they are so precisely made that the performance will make you think they are. The blunt tipped nose and ear hair scissors will do a great job of trimming a mustache. Ask your wife about quality cuticle scissors. She will love these.

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Perforated Stainless Tweezers

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Ear/Nose hair Scissors

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