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12-Gauge Shotgun Shell Ristra

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  • Item #: MTC-R35RG $26.95
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Item: MTC-R35RG


Temporarily Unavailable

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Choose your favorite combination of red/green or red/burgundy and hang them singly or in clusters on your mantle, in your tree or other favorite decorating spot. Unique and rugged, the design concept is taken from the drying and preserving of chile peppers seen everywhere in New Mexico from the late summer into early winter.

Approximately thirty-five spent 12-Ga shells, including Federal, Estate, Universal, Winchester and Remington brands, are attached to white lights to create a soft glow. Brown burlap bow and hanger. Simply hang it and plug it into a power source. This unique decoration is assembled in the U.S.A.

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12-Gauge Shotgun Shell Ristra Red and Green

Temporarily Unavailable

Option B

12-Gauge Shotgun Shell Ristra Red and Burgundy

In Stock

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