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3-Piece Ceramic Knife Set

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This set includes the three most popular blades used in kitchens today, a 6" Santoku, 5" Utility and 4" Parer. Made from the highest quality stabilized zirconium oxide material available (second only to diamonds in hardness), each blade is meticulously edged to provide years of regular service without the need of sharpening. Ceramic blades are rust-free and non-corrosive, but can be easily broken if dropped or mistreated. However, the cutting edge will last many times longer than any steel blade, if the edge is not abused. The contoured ceramic handles, in a mottled brown and green pattern, provide a striking presentation against the all white ceramic blade. Lightweight, each will reduce hand fatigue during extended cutting and are ideal for straight cuts of fruits, vegetables or boneless meats. The non-stick blade, with an antibacterial surface, makes cleanup easy. Overall lengths: Santoku – 10-5/8", Utility – 9-1/8", Parer- 7-7/8". Care instructions and information about re-sharpening services are included. The clear acrylic display stand looks great on your kitchen counter and keeps them within easy reach. 5-year manufacturers limited warranty.

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