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3-Piece Ring Lock Manicure Set

$ 49.95


Item: HK-RL3PC


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This three-piece set includes a pair of stainless-steel tweezers and a pair of Ring-Lock® precision nail clippers, both made in Italy and both with a black DLC coating. These are stored, along with a small nail file, in a black leather pouch. The nail clipper pivot glides smoothly on a stainless-steel bearing and a Teflon® ring, pressure fitted together. This creates a "self-lubricating", consistent and controlled pivot, guaranteeing a smoother and more precise cut and a longer edge life. A magnet holds the clippers closed, protecting the 1/2" cutting edge and simplifying storage. Overall length is 3-3/8". Weighs 2.7 oz. in the pouch.

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