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3-Tone Wind Bell

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Item: NCW-102LB


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This family-owned company in the Northeast was started when the patriarch, a lobsterman who had spent countless hours on the water listening to the pounding surf and the constant warning of the bell buoys, wanted to share this reassuring sound with others. After recording the sounds of the bell and gong buoys in the areas where he hauled his lobster traps, he painstakingly worked pieces of steel to match the tones of the haunting, yet comforting sounds the mariners listened carefully for as they navigated the harbor entrances.

Made with recycled steel, with three sides that echo three beautiful melodies in the drifting winds mimicking the sounds of an offshore bell buoy. The wind catcher has been cut in the shape of the U.S.A. Liberty Bell. The entire bell is powder coated, will age gracefully over time and will last for generations. Measures 10-3/4" tall x 6" x 5-1/2". Weighs 3 lbs. 1 oz. Includes chain for hanging. Made in Maine.

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