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Shell Casing & Cocobolo Pens


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The little company in Texas that makes these unusual pens is a superb example of the small American businesses that we strive to support. This is a small wood turning operation, which was very young when we first found their turned rosewood wine bottle stoppers. As time has passed, the creative thinking of the owner has added unusual writing instruments created from spent shell casings to his line of products. Assembled in the U.S.A.

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.30 Caliber Bullet Pen

The .30 caliber bullet, which began life in the late 1800s, is instantly recognizable, even when it is part of a writing instrument. This unique ballpoint uses an authentic .30 caliber solid brass cartridge, polished to a high shine, with a piece of turned cocobolo for the barrel. Bulls eye pocket clip. Twist action roller ball mechanism, medium point, and black ink. Measures 5-3/8". Uses standard Parker refills found in most office supply stores.

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Option B

Over & Under Shotgun/Rifle Rollerball Pen

Inspired by the popular Over & Under Combination Rifle/Shotgun, this 24kt gold plated over brass rollerball pen is a perfect gift for the outdoorsman or gun enthusiast. All facets of the pen are big and impressive reproductions of the original shells. They include a 12-ga shotgun shell cap, a .30 caliber bullet style pen body and a large shotgun clip. All shell reproductions are polished to a high shine. The barrel is turned from a piece of rosewood. Measures 5-7/8" closed. Uses Houser Bill 707 SF refills, available online. Black ink and medium point.

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