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3D Mechanical Puzzle-Vehicles

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With 338 pieces for the set of vehicles, plan to be sitting for a long while! It might take several afternoons of concentration to put these 3D puzzles together but what a challenge and what fun for the kids or grandkids. Made of natural birch sanded plywood. Each puzzle includes toothpicks and small rubber bands for easy assembly. No glue is required! Thankfully, there is a precise instruction booklet with illustrations that show each piece. Simply press each piece out of the pre-cut board and follow the assembly instructions. Each finished product has moveable parts.

The cars, jeeps and ATV range in size from 4-1/8" to 6-1/2" long and weigh 2.3 oz. to 4.2 oz. Quite an interesting collection of vehicles. Made in the Ukraine. Sure to provide hours of entertainment. Made entirely of wood, but interesting to those following the rise of popularity of steampunk. Not recommended for children under 14 years of age. Once assembled, I wouldn't advise taking them apart unless you really know your puzzle pieces!

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