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750 Lumen LED Lantern

$ 99.95


Item: L-LED446


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The state-of-the-art lens technology ensures optimal light distribution with maximum energy efficiency. Targeted and glare-free illumination of your surroundings makes it easy to pick the perfect spot to place the lantern. Use as a standup lantern, utilize the built-in hook in the base to hang in your tent or from a tree limb, or remove the rubber base and use the built-in magnet to attach the lantern to a metal object.

Equipped with power bank function for recharging other electronic devices. Easy-to-operate on/off switch on top of lantern. There are four light modes: BRIGHT WHITE, RED LIGHT (to maintain night vision), WHITE EMERGENCY FLASHING and RED EMERGENDY FLASHING. Each of these modes can be brightened or reduced by using the (+ or -) designation on the on/off switch. Lowest setting is at 20 Lumens (battery will last for 70 hours) to highest at 750 Lumens (battery will last for 4 hours). Recharge time is 5 hours. Comes with a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, USB cable and pouch for easy carry. This light never gets hot regardless of how much you use it. Measures 5-3/4" tall. Weighs 10.6 oz. Instructions included. Seven-year company warranty. Registration card is included.

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