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A. G. Russell Boot Style Knives

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In the middle of 2012, Goldie asked me to design an inexpensive Boot Knife. It had to be slim and lightweight, with high quality workmanship, and it had to be a great value for our customers. Sometimes Goldie is tough to work for. I like to design a knife, pick someone to produce it and use whatever materials I want.

We sent drawings out for quotes and had to choose a maker who was 25% above the low bid because his work was 100% better. He only needed to be a little better than his samples to produce the quality I have required since I began making knives in China.

Before we got to that point though, I had to decide what blade shape we would use in the knife. We ended up with three: (1) a saber-ground drop-point, (2) an English Bowie style clip-point and (3) the classic double-edged boot knife blade. Goldie hated the double-edge blade and liked the clip-point. I preferred the drop-point and also liked the double-edge. Because we couldn't agree, I decided to survey my friends on Blade Forums and on Facebook.

The folks on Facebook preferred # 1, then #2, and least of all the double-edge. My friends on Blade Forums preferred #2, then #1, and least of all the double-edge. With great reluctance Goldie agreed to make all three. The maker agreed to a short run of the double-edge if we would increase the order for the other two. The result is remarkable - I am really happy with the knives. They should be selling for $75-$85. I believe that when you handle one you will agree, but, having ordered so many, we have priced them to move out the door in a hurry.

The 3-3/4" blades are 8Cr13MoV at 57-59 Rc. This steel, when heat-treated as I require, is widely praised in all of the knife forums. The handles are black G-10. The guard and front and rear bolsters are 410 stainless steel. Each measures 7-3/8" overall and weighs from 4.1 to 4.3 oz. Inlcudes a black leather belt sheath with a snap to retain the knife. Made in China.

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A. G. Russell Boot Style Knife drop point

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A. G. Russell Boot Style Knife clip point

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