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A.G. Russell Sea Skorpion Sailor's Knife with Marlin Spike

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The latest in the A. G. Russell™ Skorpion series is the Sea Skorpion. The series was introduced in 2013 with the Skorpion and Small Skorpion. In order to reduce the weight in those two knives but still use stainless steel for the handle sides, we introduced what we refer to as Featherlite™ steel. The weight is near what you would expect in the same knife made with Titanium handles. Phil Gibbs and I engineered the handle sides in a way that has allowed the removal of all excess from the thickness of the steel. The steel is removed from the inside of the handle, so you have to look closely to see how they have accomplished this.

With the added marlin spike, the Sea Skorpion was designed for specific usage, but also functions beautifully as an everyday knife. This is a highly useful frame-lock folder with a wider than normal General Purpose Blade, a flipper and a hole in the blade that allow very easy opening and closing with either hand. It can be opened with your little finger while holding the knife upside down in your hand.

Any Sailor's knife must have a serrated portion of the blade for cutting rope, especially plastic, nylon or Dacron®. Polyproplene is the worst material to cut. So we tested every serration pattern we could find and selected the one that did the very best job which we added to the half of the blade edge nearest the pivot. It does not look aggressive, but it cuts the toughest rope as if it were soft butter.

The 3-1/2" general purpose blade is 8Cr13MoV at 57-59 Rc. with a satin finish. The marlin spike measures 2-1/4". Measures 4-1/2" closed and weighs 3.6 oz. Made in China.

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