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A. G. Russell Ultimate Pen Knife


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This knife is so neat and such a great value that you will want to buy one for friends who don't even like knives, as well as for those who do. It is the smallest "real" knife available. Neither a toy nor a miniature, it measures 2" closed with a 1-1/2" blade. The materials are some of the best being used today when dependable functioning is really important. The blades are VG-10 at 59-61 Rc. which is flat ground to a razor's edge and the handle materials are either Titanium or Carbon Fiber for strength, durability and to bring the weight to near nothing. A surgeon could use these knives in an emergency tracheotomy or a lady could use them for cutting threads. For its size, it is the most practical knife you can buy. Made in China. Think about those friends and family to whom you would like to give a really nice non-threatening knife. Measures 2" closed.

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A. G. Russell Ultimate Pen Knife - Carbon Fiber and VG10

Weighs only 0.2 oz.

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A. G. Russell Ultimate Pen Knife - Titanium and VG10

Weighs only 0.3 oz.

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