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Aladdin Hanging Tilt - Frame Mantle Lamp

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Item: ALA-BH7156



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The World's Finest Non-Electric Lamp

The Aladdin® brand has been known for generations as the World's Finest Non-Electric Lamp. I remember the first mantle lamp my grandparents were able to afford. Our light had been provided by what we called Coal Oil Lamps, the ones with the wicks that put out little light and smoked up the chimneys if you didn't trim the wick just right. That first Aladdin was a miracle. The light was clear and bright. Much easier for a book worm to spend his winter evenings reading. Today these lamps are very practical during electrical outages, particularly those that go on for days during ice storms. Just another way to be prepared for emergency conditions.

The clear glass fuel bowl and the 14" opal white shade sit in a solid brass frame, the bottom of which pivots to allow the bowl to be easily removed for filling. Provides 60 candlepower modern white light without electricity. Unlike the older wick lamps, these burn virtually 100% of the kerosene without smoke or odor. One gallon will give you about 50 hours of bright, white light or about 12 hours of light from a single filling. The lamp with chimney measures 19-3/4" tall and with the opal white glass shade and hanger the total height is 26". Brass fittings. Includes a 24" brass chain for hanging. Assembly instructions included. Fuel not included.

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