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Allied Rifle Contracts in America

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By Luke Mercaldo

This comprehensive work fully explores American production of foreign military rifles for the Allies during WWI. Demands of the war caused a number of Allied governments to enter into contracts with American industry. The book covers the Mosin-Nagan and Winchester Model 1895 that were produced for Imperial Russia, the Model 1889 Mauser made for Belgium, the Pattern 1914 which was built for the United Kingdom. It also covers lesser known contracts made for France and Canada. Period documentation creates the timelines of the various contracts, delving into issues including financing, production limitations, labor problems, factory expansions, corruption, and the foreign military personnel who worked in the U.S. Detailed descriptions of each rifle, including specifications, markings and accessories, will assist collectors in determining correct period pieces. Hardback, 224 pages, chock full of black and white photos. Measures 8-3/4" x 11". Autographed by the author. Perfect addition to the library of any military buff.

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