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Baseball America's Pastime

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The wooden shelf displays four baseballs with the period of time that particular ball was in use. A metal plaque on the back of the display outlines the historical firsts of the game, starting in 1859. Did you know that the catcher's mouth protector appeared as early as 1860, the first night game was in 1880 and the hot dog was introduced in 1901? The best part is the 19th century baseballs, of course! Each exact replica is constructed to the specifications of the era. The one-piece leather wrap is cut and hand stitched in the "lemon peel" pattern used at the time. The 1850 in dark brown, 1860 in medium brown and the 1870 in off-white with a softer surface. The last ball in the display is the modern red stitched baseball of today.  


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