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Boker Canoe with Smooth White Bone

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Item: BO-200SWB


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The canoe gets its name from the shape of the handle. This traditional folder has two blades that open from opposite ends. The main blade is a spear point measuring 2-3⁄4", the secondary pen blade measures 1-3⁄4". The blades are both carbon steel (non-stainless). We suggest our RustFree™ to protect the blades from rust – RF125 . . . . $7.95. Users who are passionate about having knife blades made of carbon steel believe those blades will hold an edge longer and will be easier to re-sharpen than modern day stainless steels. The handle scales are smooth white bone with nickel silver bolsters and brass liners. Measures 3-5⁄8" closed. Weighs 3.0 oz. Made in Solingen, Germany.

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