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Braided Copper Wire Bracelets


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Item: HPS-4015C


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Each of these flexible copper cuffs is carefully handcrafted for strength and comfort. Wear it because it's a handsome piece of jewelry or to improve blood flow and ease the aches of arthritis (a popular belief of many afflicted with arthritis). Designed in the U.S. and beautifully crafted in small family-run shops in Taxco, Mexico. Each measures 1/2" wide.

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Large Strand Copper Wire Cuff Bracelet

The braided strands of thick solid copper create a hefty masculine cuff bracelet. Adjustable. Measures 7-3/4" tip to tip. Weighs 2.4 oz.

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Option B

Dual Tone Copper Wire Cuff Bracelet

Intricate and bold, the dual tone braided copper wire cuff uses standard copper wire and white copper wire to create an appealing visual contrast. White copper is an economical replacement for Sterling Silver. The alloy consists of copper, zinc, and nickel. Adjustable, it measures 7-1/4" from tip to tip. Weighs just 1.3 oz.

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