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Bullet Knives


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  • Item #: HK-BK101-44 $14.95
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  • Item #: HK-BK201-30 $16.95
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Item: HK-BK101-44


Temporarily Unavailable

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These .44 magnum and 30-06 bullet knives have a gold plated handle and AISI 420 stainless steel blade. Both are slip joints. The .44 magnum has an imitation lead tip, and a 1-1/4" mirror polished clip point blade. Measures 1-1/2" closed. The 30-06 has a copper plated tip and a 1-3/4" mirror polished drop point blade. Measures 3-1/8" closed. An authentic novelty made in Italy.

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Bullet Knives 44 Magnum

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Bullet Knives 30-06

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