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Campfire Fire Starting Kit

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Item: UST-119FK



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Enclosed in a rustic burlap bag, this campfire kit includes a collection of classic fire starting necessities including tinder, kindling, a wood handled fire starter and an instructional fire starting card set. The fire starter is compact and portable and has a serrated edge on the striker bar that can be used to scrape sticks to create fine tinder and will produce sparks in the worst conditions. Twelve small, fibrous fire starting tinder pieces are housed in a compact tin, while nine natural kindling logs are stored in a resealable plastic bag. Learn the basics of starting a fire by following the step-by-step instructions. Eight cards are attached with a grommet and include photographic illustrations. Waterproof for durable, outdoor referencing. Perfect for the novice or to toss in your camping gear or survival pack.

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