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Captains Sunglasses with Titanium Frames

$ 109.95


Item: LRE-4674


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Product Details

Tough, polarized polycarbonate lenses provide 100% UVA, UVB and UVC protection. They are also treated to repel snow and rain, preventing water spots.

A sort of modern version of the old time aviator's glasses. The black lenses are held by lightweight black Titanium frames. Great glasses at about 1/2 the price of the competition. Weighs only 0.7 oz.

Product Testimonials

I work in very dirty environment, cement, fiberglass, grinding etc and I've worn the Lure eyes titanium frame sunglasses for years and never had to tighten a screw or any maintenance. I'm buying my second pair because my first is absolutely chipped and gooey and I can barely see out of them but they lasted all these years, they're weightless and dark enough for the Arizona Sun, I love them! Rating: 10/10
James S. Tucson, AZ

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