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Slim Locking Concealed Carry Waist Pack


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Item: CRL-P80CC


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Product Details

Cowhide or Bison Leather

The unique design of the Slim Locking Waist Pack allows for inconspicuous, comfortable and practical concealed-carry. A hidden rear pocket is equipped with a unique key-locking zipper pull to safely secure a personal protection device, valuables, travel documents, passport or cash. There are also four front pockets for carrying other personal items. Available in rich cowhide or distinctive and more durable American Bison Leather.

NOTE: Scarring and natural markings are prevalent, making each piece truly unique. No two hides are alike and some noticeable scarring will appear on most Bison leather.

Option A

Bison Leather Slim Waist Pack

Distressed Brown

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Option B

Cowhide Slim Waist Pack


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Product Testimonials

The Slim locking Bison Leather waist pack came with a velcro holster, clearly made to attach to velcro inside the concealed carry locking pocket.  Yet there is no velcro inside the pocket to attach it to.   The holster is of no value whatsoever, mostly a hindrance if used with this waist pack.  With no velcro inside to hold it in place, Drawing the gun out of the pocket brings the holster out too, still attached to the gun.
I bought this waist pack because it has a lock on it.  The one I bought years ago (the cowhide version) was invaluable.  My mother with Alzheimer's got hold of the pack and did her best to unzip the locked pocket, but was unable to.  Now I have grandchildren that I want to protect from accessing my gun, so I want a locking waist pack.  My old locking pack has holes through the bottom of the pocket after years of carrying my gun in it., so I thought if I bought the one made of bison leather this time it would last longer..
Either don't include a holster, or provide velcro inside the pack to hold the holster in place.  Without corresponding velcro to attach the holster to, it is of absolutely no value whatsoever.  The pack is usable without the holster, the one I bought before didn't have a holster, but that is why the gun wore holes in the bottom, When I saw the holster, I was so pleased because that would clearly make the pack last longer.  My hopes were then dashed when I realized there was no way to attach the holster.  I seriously considered returning the waist pack, but now rather than being pleased with my replacement, I am disappointed.  So my rating is probably unfair.  Had you not included the holster, I would have rated it a 10. Rating: 8/10
Judy P. Brazil, IN

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