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Dozier 1943 Fighter - Left Handed Sheath

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Bob Dozier has used the classic Springfield as inspiration for the first in what he plans to be a series of knives based on WWII fighting knives. In 2007, he produced about 65 of the Dozier 1943 Fighter and A. G. Russell™ knives sold nearly all of those. After producing those knives, Bob moved on to other demands on his time and set the pattern, and the project, aside. Around the end of October, 2009 he began to talk about producing the knife once again. If not in stock when you place your order, delivery will take 2 to 3 months.

The 8-1/2" blade is A-2 at 59-61 Rc. The size of the blade is true to the original Springfield at 1-3/8" wide and 3/16" thick, with a satin finish. The brass guard is true to the original as well, while the dural butt has been replaced with 6061 aircraft alloy. The stacked leather used for the handle is the finest (densest) sole leather available and will last many years longer than the original.

While the sheath is the same left hand model intended for pistol wearing service men and officers of WWII, it is of the finest shoulder hides available, the leather is nearly 50% thicker than that used in 1943. The snaps are the same as the original. The stone pouch is exactly the same, but the stone in that pouch is soft Arkansas stone rather than the original manmade stone of the 1940s wartime quality. The knife measures 13-3/4" blade tip to the end of the pommel and weighs 12.4 oz. I do not know exactly how many Bob intends to make, but I seriously doubt that it will exceed 300 pieces. I expect only 60 to 75 in 2010. Made entirely in Springdale, Arkansas. Can be ordered with a right-handed sheath by special order.

Left Handed Sheath.

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