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E-Blox LED Light-Up Building Blocks

$ 175.00


Item: EBX-071PS



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With 222 pieces (you can also use your existing building bricks), there is no limit to what you can create. Includes 21 LED lighted bricks, 200 shiny silver bricks, a storage case with studded lid that allows you to build on it, and one safety holder for a 9V battery (not included). The tin-plated blocks connect to a battery block that powers the electrical component blocks.

The plated blocks allow you to seamlessly integrate electronic circuitry into your build so there are no wires to bundle and hide. Compatible with standard sized Legos® - we checked! - and other toy brick sets. Build instructions for three play sets are available online: airplane, ghost ship and space invader. Do read the enclosed Getting Started & Battery Safety First guide. Stimulate young minds with creativity, imagination and science by spending countless hours with your kids or grandkids. Or, all by your lonesome, bringing your creations to bright shining life. For ages 8 and up.

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