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Emergency Preparedness Bucket

$ 79.95


Item: UST-720



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It pays to be prepared. This bucket has all of the survival essentials you will need in the event of a storm or other emergency situation. Kit includes a 10 day LED lantern (batteries included), 45’ heavy duty nylon paracord, four reflective waterproof emergency blankets, high decibel rescue whistle, compact wire saw, magnesium fire starter with striker, four lightweight emergency ponchos, minor injury first aid kit, 72" duct tape roll, four 6" light sticks for 12-hour illumination, Survival Card with ten essential tools (mini compass, magnifiying glass, 2" ruler, mini flathead screwdriver, mini Phillips screwdriver, large flathead screwdriver, four size position wrench, butterfly wrench, bottle opener, can opener, knife, file edge, small 8-sided bolt head wrench and lanyard or keyring attachment) all stacked in a 2-gallon orange plastic bucket with re-sealable lid. There is enough space that you could include a few small items of your choice and tailor it to your needs. Hopefully you will never need it, but if you do, you can simply grab and go. For that peace of mind that all of your essentials are in one location when you need them fast. 

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