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Folding Steak Knives


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If you know me or follow our catalogs, you probably already know how I feel about going to a fine resturant (or even a steak house), ordering a steak and having to cut (rather tear) it with those horrible knives the resturant provides. I always have several folding knives on me so find myself using one of those. While I clean my knives often, they are probably not as sanitary as they need to be for this purpose. For that reason, we offer knives like these with a carrying pouch which can be carried in your pocket or in a lady's purse. Send the ugly restaurant knife back to the kitchen and use this elegant steak knife that will CUT your steak instead of tearing it. The blades can easily be dipped into your water glass and wiped clean on a napkin then washed in warm soapy water when you get home. DO NOT put them in the dishwasher.

The slim 4" blade is Japanese D2. The knife with black G-10 handle scales has blue anodized titanium liners and screws. It includes a black leather pouch. The one with Cocobolo handle scales has stainless liners and screws. It includes a brown leather pouch. The blades lock in the open position with a liner-style lock. Measures 4-3⁄4" closed. Weighs about 2.5 oz. Made in Japan.

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Folding Steak Knife Cocobolo

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Folding Steak Knife Black

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