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Four-Piece Olive Wood Knife & Fork Set

$ 99.00


Item: BO-A8345OW



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Made by Boker Argentina

These knife and fork sets are made for everyday use, be that at your own white tablecloth dinner party or a picnic in the park. The 5" plain edge knife blade is 420J stainless at 53-54 Rc. The very sharp plain edge will cut your meat instead of the "ripping" done by serrated edge steak knives. The handle scales are olive wood attached to the tang using stainless steel pins. The knife measures 9-1/2" and the fork measures 7-3/4". Set of four pieces ships in a gift box created specifically for them. Also makes a nice storage box to protect the blade edges.

Never put sharp knives in the dishwasher or in a sink full of water. Running these through a dishwasher will age the olive wood handles and dull the blade edges. Putting them in a sink full of water increases the risk of getting a bad cut.

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