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Money Clamp with RFID Wallet

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Item: MCL-11976



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This was another one of those "Why didn't I think of that!" moments for me. Personally, I've never been a fan of big wallets and these fit me perfectly. It is a new design that was inspired by those black binder clips we all use in our offices. We have all used those for clamping together many things besides stacks of paper. This creative designer just took it a step further, changed the shape and mechanism a little and actually created an elegant clamp with a specific function.

 Included with the clamp is a seven slot leather card wallet with built-in RFID protection. Simply load it with your driver's license and credit cards, add your cash to the outside and install the Money Clamp® to secure it all in place. The low-profile design fits comfortably in your front or hip pocket. Each style is made of durable high carbon stainless steel and has been engineered to maintain a positive grip.

Has a gunmetal zinc alloy finish and a heavy duty bottle opener on one leg of the clamp. Measures right at 5/8" at the hinge. The clamp itself weighs about 3.3 oz.

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