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Handmade Native American Rawhide Hand Drum

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According to Navajo belief, the Universe is very delicately balanced and once the balance is upset, some disaster will usually follow, often an illness. To restore balance and harmony, complex ceremonies were performed that would include the use of herbs, prayers, songs and sandpaintings. The patient would be carefully seated on top of the sand painting and a medicine man would touch a portion of a figure of the sand painting to the afflicted, thus transferring the medicine and power. After the ceremony and before the sun set, the sand painting would be erased with a sacred feather and the patient would rise to walk in beauty and health once again.

Taking this image from an authentic sand painting ceremony, Navajo artist Tanya Hogue uses handmade rawhide and pine wood to create this Native American hand drum. Beautifully executed using acrylics, a hand-coiled Acoma pot with spirit maidens has been hand painted on the stretched rawhide, creating a unique work of art. Measures 12" diameter and is 3-3/8" tall. Signed by the artist and includes a Certificate of Authenticity. Handmade in the U.S.A.

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