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Highland Bull Regulator Wall Clock

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The case of this beautiful oak wall clock was inspired by the regulator clocks, sometimes referred to as pendulum clocks, invented in the late 18th century in a quest for greater timekeeping accuracy. Because of the tremendous accuracy, they enjoyed a popularity that lasted well past the Arts & Crafts movement in the U.S., well into the middle of the 20th Century.

With the development of the precision quartz movement, the need for the functionality of the regulator clock was gone, but the interest in the traditional style remains. The space at the bottom of the clock case is no longer needed to house the pendulum, creating a perfect frame for a detail of Michael Sieve's painting Highland Bull-Elephant and Egrets.

The case is handcrafted of oak with a hand rubbed finish. The quartz movement operates on a single AA battery (not included). Case measures 24" x 12" x 4" and weighs 10 lbs.

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