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Jeffersonian Rain Gauge

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Item: WEP-RG7B


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Inspired by Thomas Jefferson's affinity for invention, this rain gauge uses a float and lever design to measure rainfall. Jefferson's Monticello is one of 12,000 weather stations now a part of the National Weather Service, which has claimed Jefferson as the ‘father of weather observers' because of his lifetime attention to the details of his climate. As water fills the glass vial, the red ball rises, causing the stainless steel pointer arm to climb the 5" scale in 0.2-inch increments. The rain gauge body is constructed of solid brass for its durability and natural resistance to corrosion. With a few months' exposure to the elements, it will begin to age gracefully and develop a mellow patina. The gauge turns in the wind to ensure the most accurate measurement or it may be tightened down to fix its location. Do not leave rain collection glass vial out in freezing temperatures. Large easy-to-read numbers are visible from a distance. Quick and easy installation (instructions included). No tools required. Includes a pressure treated wooden stake for ground installation and a hanger bolt for mounting on a deck. Measures 12-1/2" across and 42" long. Backed by a lifetime mechanical warranty. A lovely, yet functional, piece of art for your garden.

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