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Leather Log Books

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Hunting, Fly Fishing, & Wine

Do you like to keep a record of your hunting successes, fly fishing history, or wine collection in an easily accessible location? These hand stitched, leather bound log books are the perfect tool. Slim enough to fit in a pocket and impressive enough for the permanent record you store in your safe. Each log book is handmade of top-grain leather, secured with a leather buckle. Includes 96 printed pages of rough-cut cream-colored paper. Hand-sewn binding. Non-refillable. A wonderful way to document your adventures for future reference, and to create an heirloom for your children and grandchildren.


Option A

Leather Wine Log

For wine connoisseurs or collectors. A two-page record with a place for the wine label and on the facing page the name, vintage, vintner, country/region, taste, bouquet, body/balance, appearance, aroma, date/place, price, occasion, companions and other comments.


Option B

Leather Hunting Log

Designed for any hunt. First page documents the date, location, companions, weather, barometer, wind, air temperature, moon cycle and special notes for each hunt. Game observations, activity and time observed, along with hunt setup details and game harvested, are on the second page.

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Option C

Leather Fly Fishing Log

Each single page covers date, location, companions, weather, hatches, and catch information, with a small section for note taking or drawing.

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