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Leather Saddlebags

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Item: SLY-5006BN


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We have seen these traditional looking western saddlebags draped across the shoulder of many travelers in airports around the country. This is one way to get around hands-free if the items you carry are relatively small. Perfect for a paperback or tablet, but not large enough for a laptop. There are pockets on each side of each bag and there is a pocket on each side of the wide shoulder strap. You can choose to carry the unit over you shoulder with either bag to your front and either side of that bag against your body. When carried in one position, the pockets on the outside close with double magnetic snaps. If carried in the other position, the pockets on the outside are secured with a magnetic snap strap. One side of the shoulder strap has a zippered and snapped pocket that also provides additional shoulder padding. The other side has a long double zippered pocket. There is lots of room for your electronics, cords and cables, camera, paperbacks, travel documents, etc. In WWI similar bags were outfitted with first aid supplies. Beautiful, buttery soft brown cowhide leather, which will easily conform to the contour of your body as it is carried. Total length  is 38-3/4". Each bag measures roughly 8" x 9-3/4". Weighs 2 lbs. 9 oz.

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