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Men's Leather Wrapped Bracelets

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Item: HPS-404BN


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Rugged and masculine men's jewelry can sometimes be difficult to find. These bracelets are designed in the U.S. by a family run business and are beautifully crafted in Taxco, Mexico in family run shops. Each bracelet begins with a thick brass core which is meticulously wrapped in genuine cowhide leather and embellished with copper and German silver, also referred to as nickel silver in the U.S. but called Alapaca in Taxco. It is a blend of copper, zinc and nickel. Perfect for everyday wear, but also elegant enough for weekend attire. Handsome, dark brown leather. Slightly bendable so that one size fits most. Overall length is 7-1/4" and is 5/8" wide.

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Leather Wrapped Bracelet silver wire

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Leather Wrapped Bracelets 3 bar

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