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Mechanical Pocket Watch

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Item: DAK-33467


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A throw-back to yesteryear, this vintage-look mechanical pocket watch has a solid brass case with platinum nickel plating. The skeletonized see-through movement is shock protected and all the inner workings are visible through the face or back of the watch. The very intricate dial has a classic white background with silver Roman numerals on the outer rim and large, black hour and minute hands. Four small dials include a second hand dial, two overlapping dials for setting the correct time using military time and small dial at the bottom of the face that pictorially indicates night or day showing either the sun for daylight hours or the moon and stars for nighttime hours. The stem is used to set the time and to wind the watch. Measures 2" in diameter and 1/2" thick. Includes a 14-3/4" platinum nickel plated chain that can be attached to button holes or belt loops. Weighs 3.6 oz.

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