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Miniature Axe

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Item: BAK-118CM


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The desk of every knife-interested person/collector needs one of these delightful miniature Marbles' Camp Axes. For over 50 years I have dealt in miniature knives, swords, etc. This is the first time I have personally bought one. What a wonderful gift for someone you know who loves knives or axes!

These are handmade by Lee McDowell, a knifemaker who we met at the 2016 Blade Show in Atlanta. In addition to handmade knives, he also creates these exquisitely made miniature axes. When I looked at what he was showing me, the only thing I asked him to change was to make the handles with a little less curve. The change that I requested more closely matches the Camp Axes made for many years by Marble's.

The steel used for the axe head is 1035 low carbon steel. The handle is curly maple with a soft finish. The head is attached to the handle using a process many of you will recognize from Marble Arms Axes. Instead of using an oval hole, three intersecting holes are drilled through the head creating approximately three times the surface area to secure the handle. The axe measures 6-1/2" from the top of the head to the end of the handle. The edge of the head measures 1-1/8". Weighs 2.8 oz. The simple little leather sheath and the axe itself are both handmade by Lee and his wife in the U.S.A.


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