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On-The-Go Chess Set

$ 39.95


Item: BYB-G569CCH



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If you are an avid chess player, or just teaching the kids when you go to visit, this rollup travel chess set will come in handy when the opportunity to play a round presents itself. It travels easily with double snap closure and a discreet zippered compartment that stores all 32 chess pieces. The soft faux suede playing board is accented with black and white squares, each with a roughened texture to keep the game pieces in place. Flip the pieces over and use them for a quick game of checkers. Navy blue. Easy to pack and throw in your luggage, car, RV or just place it  in your game basket for the next family game night. Measures 17-1/2" x 12-3/4". Weighs 10.3 oz.

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