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OptiVISOR Professional Series Set

$ 295.00


Item: DOP-DA1S


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After all these years, the folks who produce OptiVISOR® have put together a set of their magnifiers, everything you will ever need, in a tough water tight plastic carrying case. Having used one for years, and having my vision change over the years, I have purchased multiple visors just to have a place to store the lens. True, I could have just bought extra lenses, but they always disappear or get scratched up. This storage box with die cut foam inserts eliminates that problem. The set includes one fully adjustable padded headband, six lens plates (1-1/2X at 20", 1-3/4X at 14", 2X at 10", 2-1/2X at 8", 2-3/4X at 6" and 3-1/2X at 4"), the Optiloupe which doubles the magnification of the particular lens you are using and the VisorLIGHT all in a impact resistant, water and dust tight plastic carrying case.

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