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Rechargeable Mini LED red

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Item: SMM-8600RD



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This compact spotlight solves a problem I have had for years. I have always kept a flashlight in my glove compartment, but every time I need it, the batteries are dead. About the size of a car cigarette lighter, this is the perfect solution. I have one in each car. It is the most convenient auto flashlight I have ever owned. Besides, the light is extremely bright (0.5 watt LED shines about 150 ft). Runs about 180 minutes on a full charge. If you drop it in a mud puddle don't worry, it's submersible. 6061 anodized aluminum body. Rechargeable Ni-MH battery charges in your DC charger/cigarette lighter. Red Glow "charging indicator". Measures just under 2" in length and weighs 1.6 oz.

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