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Rugged Australian Style Leather Hat Medium 7-1/8

$ 35.00


Item: KAK-HL57M



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You don't have to visit the Outback to enjoy the look and feel of this all leather Australian style hat. Supple to the touch, it already has the unique worn appearance of traditional leathers. Suited to a wide range of face shapes, it is extremely comfortable to wear and you'll look good in at the same time.

In a deep, rich tobacco brown, it has a generous rounded crown top, double eyelets on each side for ventilation, a flexible brim wire that allows an eye catching curve, and a hand braided three strand hat band all creating a vintage, rugged look. Blocks 98% of UV rays (UPF 50+). Easy to clean - simply brush off surface dirt with a soft brush, or a damp cloth and allow to air dry. Occasionally use a leather conditioner to keep the leather pliable. Do not subject to extreme heat. Only Sizes (M) 7-1/8 left.

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