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Spyderco Bug and Honeybee


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Item: SFE-SP133AC


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with Apple Coral

Created exclusively for A.G. Russell™ and Russell's® for Men by Santa Fe Stoneworks. Both the Bug and the Honeybee are part of Spyderco's line of small folders called Slipits. Santa Fe has added highly figured Apple Coral to the sides of the handle on both knives to create beautiful little folders that are also highly functional.

Option A

Spyderco® Bug with Apple Coral Scale

The smaller of the two knives, with 1-1/4" blade. Measures 1-5/8" closed and weighs 0.5 oz., making it Spyderco's smallest folder.

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Option B

Spyderco® Honeybee with Apple Coral Scale

The larger of the two knives, with a 1-9/16" blade. Measures 2" closed and weighs 0.7 oz.

In Stock

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