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MegaPro 15 in 1 Screwdriver

$ 18.95


Item: MT-151SS



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Like several of our products, this one was recommended by our friend, premier folding knifemaker Ron Lake. This full-sized screwdriver has seven double-ended bits contained in the handle. The slotted drivers are 4mm and 6mm, the square drivers are R0, R1, R2, and R3, the Phillips drivers are No0, No1, No2, No3 and the Torx Drivers are T-10, T-15, T-20, and T-25. All the bits are made to a higher standard than you will usually find. The quality of steel is higher and the temper is harder. 16 bits and a driver. Mixed colors; black, red, green, orange, or blue. Sorry no choice.

This stainless driver is ideal for the outdoor environment, including boating, camping, hiking and 4 wheeling. The driver has a stainless steel shaft and includes 7 double end electroless nickel plated bits.

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