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Stone River Gear Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set Pink

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Stone River Ceramic knives are made from the highest quality stabilized Zirconium Oxide material available in the world. Zirconium Oxide is a very hard ceramic also known as Zirconia. Zirconia powder is compacted using extremely high pressure, then fired using a process similar to that used in the firing of any other type of ceramic material. It is very hard, measuring 8.5 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, compared to 6-6.5 for hardened steel, resulting in a very hard edge that rarely needs to be re-sharpened. The blades will not rust and are non-conductive and non-magnetic. The edges are resistant to chipping but the blades will break if dropped on a hard surface. They are brittle and cannot be used for chopping, cutting bones or frozen foods, or for prying. The edge will last much longer than the edge on a steel blade. When your knife does need to be sharpened, return it to Stone River Gear. They will re-sharpen it for a small fee. You cannot sharpen these blades yourself. Putting an edge on a material that is this hard takes special equipment.

Each knife features a contoured ergonomically designed comfort grip handle for a sure grip. The blades are non-stick and have an antibacterial surface.

This is a two-piece set, featuring a Santoku and Paring knife. Each set is available in 3 handle colors, black, pink, or red. The paring knife has a 2-7/8" blade with an overall length of 6-5/8" and weighs 1.9 oz. The Santoku has a 6-1/8" blade with an overall length of 10-3/4" and weighs 4.2 oz. The set is gift boxed. Suggested retail is $39.95. Made in China.

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