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Stone River Gear Ceramic & Sandalwood Fixed Blade

$ 39.95


Item: SRG-AG65SW



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An A. G. Russellâ„¢ Exclusive

Stone River™ Gear is known mostly for their ceramic bladed folders and kitchen knives, they offer just a few fixed blades. In 2014, they created a fixed blade for us with stag handle scales. Recently they offered to make it for us with the same sandalwood we chose for the exclusive folder we began offering earlier this year.

The 3-1⁄8"drop point blade is black Zirconium Oxide, a very hard ceramic also known as Zirconia. Zirconia powder is compacted using extremely high pressure, then fired using a process similar to that used in the firing of any type of ceramic material. Measures 6-1⁄2" overall. Weighs 2.3 oz. Ships with a black nylon sheath.

Most users cannot sharpen ceramic blades. However, each knife is razor sharp out of the box and meticulously edged to provide years of service, with normal use, without the need for sharpening. To accommodate the rare need for sharpening, simple instructions for returning a knife to the manufacturer for professional sharpening are provided with the delivery of each knife.

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