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Texas Ranger Tales

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Hard-Riding Stories from the Lone Star State
By Mike Cox

Mike Cox, renowned Texas author, former newspaper journalist and spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety states in the introduction, "… Rangers always have been tough, but I'm not saying they were perfect. They did not always do the right thing. They did not win every fight. They were not always fair and impartial officers of the law. But they were right more than they were wrong. And they prevailed more often than they lost. The stories which follow are arranged chronologically, but all are freestanding. This is a book you can read from cover to cover, or browse at your leisure."

Arranged in three parts - The Nineteenth Century; The Twentieth Century; and Gear, Grub, Gab and Glory: Ranger Culture - the stories cover not only well-known Texas Ranger tales but also very interesting lesser-known stories of those early-day lawmen in the wide open country of too much trouble and too little law. Hardback. 420 pages. B/W photos and illustrations. Measures 6-1/4" x 9-1/4".

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