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Tracker "Twizzle" Hiking Stick

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People have been using hiking sticks, or staffs, for thousands of years. The Tracker Twizzle Stick is much the same as your grandfather would have used. It is cut from a young sassafras sprout and carved to show both bark and the sassafras wood. The only thing added is the long-life rubber tip and the embossed leather Paw-Print strap.

Hiking sticks should be six to nine inches above your elbow with your arm by your side while standing. The steeper the terrain you will be hiking, the higher above your elbow it should be - the length is used to reach down the hill and touch the ground to stabilize you as you go down the trail. Additional length is completely unnecessary if all you are going to do is climb upward, you just need it when going down.

The height of this stick can be adjusted by removing the rubber tip, cutting off what is not needed, and putting the rubber tip back on. Measures approximately 54".

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