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Traditional Finnish Fixed Blade – Wolf's Head Pommel

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Knives are central to the daily life and culture in Finland. The Kalevala, Finland's national epic myth, is the story of the creation of the first 'smith. It tells the story of how bog-iron came to the surface where the wolf stepped and where the bear set its paws. From this a steel ingot grew. Craftsman Ilmarinen was born on a charred hill with a copper hammer and tongs in his hands and thus he made a smithy. The wolf and the bear are central subjects in traditional Finnish knifemaking.

This  traditional Finnish style knife has a cast brass Wolf's Head pommel. The wolf has always been feared in Finland where it is a much dreaded predator and a symbol of destruction. The 3-3⁄4" Finnish style blade is 80CrV2 carbon steel at 59-62 Rc. The handle is Curly Birch. Ships with a traditional Finnish style leather sheath. Measures 8-1⁄2" overall. Weighs 3.7 oz. Made in Finland.

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